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The forum provides space for a more structured and coordinated CSO engagement with government to share concrete suggestions for implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and strategies for involving the media, academia private sector and citizen mobilization.


September 2015 marked the start of a global transformation towards sustainable development. The 2030 Agenda for sustainable Development (SDGs) adopted during the 70th United Nations General Assembly comprises of a set of 17 goals addressing cross cutting sectors that aim towards the realization of sustainable development globally: economic prosperity, social welfare, political development and environmental sustainability. With its broad inputs, the 2030 agenda for sustainable development opens access and inclusivity to ensure no one is left behind and that all development actors are collectively engaged during implementation. The agenda 2030 for sustainable development (SDGs) provides a framework for development actors to collaboratively advance various issues such as environmental sustainability, clean energy, education, food security, health including sexual and reproductive health and rights, poverty eradication, peaceful and inclusive societies, advance gender equality, and address inequalities within and between countries.

After the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development (SDGs) and the ongoing global efforts to finalize the formulation of the indicators, opportunity presents for collaboration and consolidation of efforts towards its implementation. National governments and other stakeholders including civil society, private sector and UN Agencies are gearing towards implementation with the need to develop mechanisms for cultivating political will, tracking indicators’ progress, collecting and analyzing data, strengthening national accountability structures and mobilizing financial resources.


Civil society organizations in Kenya are exploring opportunities and taking lead in demonstrating how the SDGs Kenya Forum can be a model for other countries, with clear guiding operational principles to foster ownership of the SDGs Implementation process nationally. This will further be a platform to strengthen the capacities of civil society groups working at the county level to engage communities to progressively embrace the new development priorities. This provides a platform for civil society to intensify efforts and to strengthen ongoing initiatives and development frameworks being implemented by the Kenyan government.

We are in a critical period and an opportune time that can be leveraged to advance sustainable development across the East African Community. The Forum recognizes that the implementation of African Union’s Agenda 2063 and national blueprints (Kenya Vision 2030) provide a foundation to further accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development (SDGs). Members of the forum have engaged in advocacy with national government and have been part of national multi stakeholder forums. This engagement has influenced global consultations and enabled them establish strategic relationships with entities at the global level such as African Group Missions in New York. The SDGS Kenya forum intends to serve as knowledge management and peer resource platform for CSOs and also work with government during implementation of the SDGs. In this regard, the forum is best placed to spearhead coordinated CSOs engagement.

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