Date: Jul 13th, 2021
Venue: Zoom

Posted on: Jul 12th, 2021

Uganda Ministry of Local Government co-sponsored by Government of Spain including United Nations Capital Development Fund, UN-Habitat, UN- Food and Agricultural Organization; Supporting organizations: OECD, UNEP and UCLG

Increased understanding of territorial approaches as a means to promote inclusive and resilient food systems is urgently needed. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only exacerbated disparities in food and nutrition particularly in developing countries, but also disrupted fragile food systems and undermined economic opportunities. Local experiences and responses to the pandemic have underscored the importance of integrated and inclusive planning and accelerated interventions across the rural-urban continuum to strengthen resilience of food systems. Territorial approaches to governance of food systems encompass multi-sectoral, multi-actor approaches that have been embraced as valuable operational and spatially anchored ways to understand and address the complexity of structural economic, social and environmental transformations. This side event will highlight the role of subnational governments, regional organizations and national governments who have enabled territorial approaches, and experiences of sub-national SDG implementation in the context of local food systems. Speakers will highlight the convergence of communities of practice from urban and territorial food systems, strengthening of urban-rural connections through inclusive financing and improved supply chain linkages, local government planning and investments that contribute to food and nutritional security, and efforts to increase food systems resilience and generate economic opportunities in the last mile especially for women and youth.

In line with the Decade of Action, Local2030 Initiative and UN Food Systems Summit, the event aims to bring and exchange innovative solutions that regions, countries and cities are applying to strengthen food systems and to contribute to promoting territorial governance in fostering local inclusive and resilient food systems.

Proposed Methodology and Agenda:

Opening of the event by the Moderator

Video on FSN and territorial approaches and impact

Opening statements by Member State sponsors of the side event:



Learning from organizations’ experience of Territorial approaches to food systems and key thematic topics

Strengthening Multi-level governance for the promotion of sustainable territorial food systems and healthy diets (CPLP)

Financing for local food systems

Presentation of national and sub-national experiences in resilient and inclusive food systems development: Mali

Other Sub-national implementation experience

Urban food systems experience

Closing address:

Synthesizing learning from territorial approaches to food systems

Moderated session with Q&A with panelists

Closure/next steps

Presenters and Panelists will be drawn from various organizations including Government, Private Sector, Academia such as Makerere University and other Stakeholders.

Representative of the Sponsor: Mr. Ben Kumumanya, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government, Uganda

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